Thursday, July 25, 2013's the old "Campfire-Calm/Bedroom-Bitchiness" trait in action!"

Now that mid-life crisis has set in, all the people
who were hardcore bitches (while I was a naive
Pollyanna refusing to face reality and playing a
doormat) are now becoming very touchy-feely-
centered-spiritual(esque) 'children of the world.'

And that's all fine and good-- as the world turns.

But now they want to lecture and soliloquize and
testify and project my need to be less cynical and
embrace tolerance and peace!

You know, since they have now evolved enough to
comprehend that they are inherently correct in
whatever venture they deign to embark on. Yawn.

Well, bitches... here's a newsflash; I've been there and
definitely done that! I've held hands and kissey-pooed
and Kumbaya-ed till the cows come home....and I saw
the end results. So you do your thing and leave me well
the Hell enough alone.

I'm evolved and self-sufficient and a rip-roaring
survival machine. I got mine figured out...suckas.

It's kind of funny--the piousness with which they presume
their base rightness at every turn of their transformation.
And that their basis is better...even though I was in that
place some twenty years hence.

They're as self-important now as 'enlightened souls' as
they were when they were mercenary "Every man for
themselves" assholes.

See? Nobody really changes after all.

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