Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beast of Burden

We can understand in our heads that something is not
healthy for us, and still desire it as deeply as ever in our hearts.

What is the appeal of something forbidden long after we
intrinsically know the downfall awaiting us if we
should indulge.

The charms and wiles of an old Achilles heel are like siren call
to our newly bolstered ship of safety.
Is it self destruction?
Is it refusal to value ourselves?
Do we need the excitement of playing the odds in our otherwise
boring lives?
Does distance from lessons hard fought lessen the impact of
our convictions?
Are we so easily plied, so distrusting of self?
Maybe we want to ride the edge and feel the pull; test ourselves?

Head and heart in conflict...
distracted from the reality of necessary decisions....
enamored of beautiful lies and flawed promises....
The question is becoming clearer;
Is the draw of the subtle hope greater than that of
the seductive despair?

Time will tell.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gnash and Bash

So I scream and I blame and get out of whack,
and still I feel the gorilla on my back,
still I am consumed by a sense of lack;
you'd think by know I would have gotten the knack.

There is no contented resolution to be had;
I must release all the negativity and choose to be glad.
Allow that there are times when I will be sad--
Try not to compound it with going mad.

I run an inventory of another's perceived slights;
imagining them responsible for all my inner fights...
and then suddenly dawns one of those rare inner lights;
my own responsibility has me dead to rights.

My expectations of others are unfair at best,
my demands on myself are not enough of a test,
my complaints and gripes and bashing don't rest;
no wonder my life is absent zeal and zest.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kill it Dead

I keep burying the errant feelings
I had for you, but they rise
demanding flesh.

I keep shooting between the eyes
to kill it dead as if  brains
were involved.

Evidently, I must flee to survive
lest be devoured once more,

I cannot care for my welfare
is at stake if I hesitate in the least.

I understand the need
for self preservation; I know
why you exacted me from your world.

I have been there, done that,
felt the remorse instantly...
we do what we have to to survive.
I object to using a shotgun
to kill a housefly.

I wish you hadn't reneged on
your decision; I didn't like being
hurtful to point out boundaries.
Maybe it couldn't have happened
any other way.

"Go on now go...walk out the door...
don't come around here..."

Have to be strong. Can't let you
back in to hurt me again.

I hated to see you sick. I
wondered which of your multitude
of friends was holding your hand
and looking after you now?
Still wanted it to be me....
then I remembered you kicking me
while I was down. Oops!
No more pity now!

You really missed out on a good thing.

The Game

It was magnificent

A big beautiful brilliant brutal beast of a thing

Manipulating inundating indoctrinating fascinating
drawing me in like a fly in the web

Eradicating trust and naivete, educating illuminating
inspiring maddening numbing

Insecurity whispered you needed a friend, foolishness
said to let you in, insanity invited pain again and again

It was a gift from the UN-iverse....being decimated....
rebuilt....vulnerability eliminated......roboticized by the

I know you're anguishing....alone inside, by your own
hand, nonetheless painful.....I was the acceptable casualty

Choices, decisions, repercussions...a wise man told me
we have to make them to move on...

Tossed aside like garbage by the one person trusted;
who can show love, compassion, devotion to a world 
of strangers, but just not me. ouch! Watch out for that point!

Thanks for playing...enjoy your parting gifts.

It seems a dream, to have ever needed someone.

And, all your blessed shit?
It's smoldering in the fire pit.
It brightened the sky when it was lit.
I surely wish you had been legit.

Take the precious 'time' to shove your 'good intentions'
up your tightly wound ass.