Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twilight of the "OH MY GAWD!"s

Ugh! Now truly Immortal on DVD!

It's too bad the real life drama is 20 times better
than what's on the screen.

The last time that much celluloid and money was
wasted was when...no, wait...this is the worst.

Ads promote this as "The best of the Twilight Saga movies,"
which is a bit like saying "the nicest smelling porta-potty at
the fair."

It's rotten to the core.

It sucks better than a Hoover vacuum
or a real vampire.

Most horrible role models and 'heroes'
for kids since Charles Manson.
(Naw, at least Manson had vision.)

Hopefully the fad will die off as
tweeners grow up, gay guys find new
obsessions, and old women develop
embarrassment over their cougarish ways.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nothing as it Seems

The average 'gun enthusiast'
(the worst euphemism since 'military intelligence,'
as it is both innocuously misleading and
woefully understated) seems to be of the mind that
"Well, we already have all these guns...we might as well use them"
as though that's an end point on a philosophical

To which I can only reply
"Thank goodness we didn't feel that way about
our nuclear weapons. But, at least that would
have been faster and less messy than gun annihilation."

Hey, maybe we could initiate the
philosophy of
"We've got these brains...might as well use them?"