Friday, December 21, 2012

Pray for the Children? Pray for the Praying!

So the gun nuts are using the shooting in Newtown
to call for even more guns and as an excuse to hoard
even more high-powered killing devices...

the religiously intolerant are calling upon their
crazy, false version of god to save the rest of us....

the politicians and the greedy evangelicals are using 
the mass killing to (conveniently) blame the people they
have always hated and feared, promoting their dark agenda....

and the media continues to milk the event for every
last shred of mileage they possibly can, unrelenting and
self-congratulating all the way to ratings gold.

When did sanity go on an extended Leave of Absence?

I'm sort of hoping that tonight does mark the end of the
world; this planet needs a humanity-enema.


Label Yourself!





Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orgy-Ball Run

Thinking over the things I might most want to do in prepping
for the 'End of the World' this Friday's end, I
considered inner peace, feasting, saying final
words of kindness to loved ones, but I
always come back (heh heh!) to the idea
of one, big, delicious screw-fest.

So, seeing as I live in the dead-center apex
of Dullardsville and Pent-Up Central, I'd
appreciate an e-mail of info as to where I can
find my closest "World's End Orgy."

A Good Time will be had by all!

"It's the last ass-grab of the year--or any year!"


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alone for the Holidays

Recently a friend opined that she was sad and lonely
because none of her family had contacted her during
the Thanksgiving week. I encouraged her that this
was a particularly celebratory piece of news, and I
would feel damned proud if none of my Fam-Damned-ly
ever contacted me again!

It was perhaps not the sought after reaction, but it
was for damned sure a legitimate one!

What's to despair in being alone?

No more being barely tolerated by two-faced
fickle fucks whom you can't stand anyway?

Finding out the hard way that everyone is
fair-weather and unreliable in a real pinch?

Oh wait! I know what lonely and depressed people miss
about being around other people! Being interrupted
and condescended to!

Or perhaps being ignored!

Or maybe it's being treated like you're crazy while
everyone else talks of equally banal and ridiculous
errata and pretends they're fabulous?

No one talks anymore, anyway--they all have their
faces planted in electronics. Who needs a pseudo
'face-to-face' ?

I say "Embrace the aloneness!"

Being alone is enlightening and the ultimate
freedom. Detach from the manufactured
notion that you cannot accomplish or be
satisfied amidst your own company!

Strip down pretense.
Reject compromise.
Abandon 'settling.'

The best writers in the world will tell you,
there's nothing that beats separating from
the rat race to gain perspective and


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trade Off

"Here ya go, fella...some shoes ought to offset
the harassment, abuse, beatings, killings,
and allowance of said crimes against you and
yours by my fellow officers though the years!
Mazel Tov!"