Friday, September 28, 2012

As If

People always ask me "How can you stay out there in the woods all

alone? Don't you get bored?"

"NO...I read."

"But...don't you get lonely?"

"NO, I don't.  Have you met any human beings lately?"

When you have invested time and money and energy and trust into

other human beings, only to get fucked hard in the end--and no, not

in a good way--your appreciation of people and the 'necessity' of

relations tends to diminish in a drastic way.

You come to realize that the concept of 'friend' is chiefly a construct

of fiction, wishful thinking, and romanticism. A desperate effort, really,

to find externally what should first and foremost be found within.

And everyone wants to chime in and 'educate' you and patronize you

with pithy platitudes about not letting bad apples spoil barrels, and

actually cheating self from positive experiences, and how life is not

worthwhile without social interaction.

blah, blah. I would counter ...."Bullshit."

Once I have burned my hand on a hot grill 49 times, I don't need a

magical 50th experience to put my accounting into perspective.

I got this.

I like my own company too much to ruin it by introducing someone else.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Difference Is...

Remember when Sarah Palin....

the gun-toting crazy bitch and media-whore from 2008....

ran an ad campaign that suggested targeting certain
districts with gun sights.....

and this was the tamer of the results?

And then this was the biggest response to happen in the
effort to bring about accountability? and me would be in jail
for conspiracy to incite, or some
other vague but useful legal angle
to prosecute people who are
obviously guilty of misconduct and
poor reasoning. Hmmnn.

'Instigation' is a crime, especially when murder
and incapacitation are the results.


Hand in Hand, Arms in Arm

But I do recall when my unarmed self,
flying solo, was campaigning for Obama
in 2008 and two ignorant local coppers
pulled their handguns on me in a feat
of intimidation and insanity.

As fate would have it, both those
inbred bastards are in the ground now
after less-than-stellar final days.

Sometimes shit does come back
around, after all, eh?

Keep firearms away from the
matter of protest and campaigns.

It's not a coincidence that the
people with the wrong party politics also
have the presumption to use physical
violence and intimidation to try and foist
their crazy views on others.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Whatever it Takes, Babycakes!"

Survival of the Fittest is, at heart, dependent on the
flexibility of learning old ways aren't working, and
willingness to learn new ones.

Underhandedness is not off the table.
Morality is an outdated concept.
"By Any Means Necessary" is the new standard of
excellence, and slogan for all who wish to see tomorrow.

If 'anything goes,' then the only real answer to halting
someone out to harm you is to end that person mercilessly.
Do or die,'re either the winner or the loser;
there is no in between.

A bullet to the head of an opponent can make things a
bit messy if you don't have the resources for disposal
(or, greasing the hands of necessary accomplices.)

A lack of resources isn't a dead-end, however. One can
attempt to fly under the radar and keep your nose clean.
That doesn't mean staying out of the arena; War can be
waged in all kinds of ways.

And you'd best be prepared to rumble; staying out of the
fight promises nothing. Some will imagine you weak,
even target you as a result of passivity. No rest for the weary.
Eventually, you have to throw down to prove you can.

The problem is we live in a society where the pretense
at least is of a civilized society, and there are certain
agreed-upon standards of behavior that unpopular, poor,
and unconnected people must abide by, lest we wish to
be disappeared into the labyrinth of one institution or

Creativity, hand in hand with bold determination, is our
only counter. Whereas many have wealth, resources,
compatriots, and network to rely on, the rest of us are in
the midst of the dog-eat-dog harsh reality.

Personally, being left with no one and nothing has made me
stronger than ever. I've found depths of pain and gristle I
never knew existed. I have tapped into my animalistic side,
become a warrior and survivalist, and deadened myself to
all weakness.

It's all a part of the process. In this world, in order to
hold your own, everything old must die in order for the
new you to be born. If you want to live badly enough,
that's where it's at.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

"All's Fair in Ambivalence and Water Sports"

The 'Golden Rule?'

I have my own version;
the 'Golden Shower Rule.'

"Don't piss all over me,
and I won't piss all over you."