Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Okay That They See Me Comin'

Yeah, it's totally cool that I sound the horn
and alert my arrival. Let them see me coming.
Bull in a China Shop, clanging that bell for all
Hell breaking loose.

It doesn't change things in the least.

Let other, lesser men be thrilled with their
school girl deceits and Trojan Horses getting
them "in the back way" so they can secretly
praise their own 'smarts.'

Puppet Masters be damned; the strings are
getting snipped.

Wait til they get a load of me; I want them
to shout my name in fear, to have all speak
to the damage done. Let it be named, and
feared, and unavoidable.

I am  the Devastator. I am Undeniable.

The Rainy Day has come a-callin', and all
that was saved up quietly and especially for
a good cause has come to pass.

They don't have to wait to get a load of me;
Unlike the rest, my Game is Fierce, Out,
Visible, Open, Honest, Direct.....
and all together Unstoppable.

They rationalize the taunts and then condemn
the repercussions, but it's all good to me.
No one will remember anything of the excuses
and the history; just the Victor's arrival.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Put it Forth

i'm strong because i say i'm strong
i'm courageous because i have to be
i don't allow tears til the day is done
cuz there's no time to waste

i'm a fighter or a lover
depending on what you bring to the table
don't let the smile and good looks fool ya
I'm sure nuff more than able

i'm mudhole-stompin' fit
i'm hardly a simpleton twit
there's no use debating what's what
just see what's going on
and don't worry 'bout what's not

make friends with the facts
don't depend on any pacts
there's no one outside of me
who's been put forth to be
defender, believer, friend, or more

i'm everything i need
it's a blessing, not a curse
without self-preservation and will
things are always worse

strike first, ask questions later
if at all
look out for self
store it up behind the wall
trusting in others leads to a fall

it's brutal combat
whether you play or pray
so stand up, strap up,
strike out and save the day