Friday, April 26, 2013

Pest Control


Same as before, you inbred,
ignorant, war-mongering dip shit;
Not a single god damned lick.

Go crawl in a hole and die,
why don'tcha-- you outdated cheese.

You sponsored a library?
That's like Cheney teaching charm school.
That's like Republicans feeding the poor.
That's like a low-intellect illiterate buffoon with
no original thought and no concept of reality
promoting reading.
(Oh, wait--it is like that; you and Wifey
got that shit covered tight!)

You're a screw-up, a coke head, a
racist, a killer of men women and children,
a petty tyrant, a liar, a silver-spooned
beneficiary of plenty-o-money and
two stolen/purchased elections.

That's your legacy, con man.

Let it never be forgotten.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Disparity Brings Clarity

Quick! Act like we're all as stupid as
'The Powers That Be' wish we were,
and explain this to me!

Explain the disparity between allowing gun-toting
alarmists and nuts the 'freedom to assemble'
when we know they're planning to take down America,
they threaten and intimidate at every turn,
and their purpose is to oppose the law....

yet authorities demonize and assault the peaceful protesters
who want to hold accountable the corrupt system that
exists (and its warlords,) and who are looking
for accountability and making the system work
from within.


Thanks for making it clear, Gestapo Amerika;
Violence and the Threat of Violence Rules.

We need to fight fire with fire and start
bringing weapons and making veiled threats
in order to get your attention and
not be abused when attempting to
exercise our free speech rights.

Totally doable.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Impending Utter Cat-Ass-Trophy

I may need to pull a 'rethink' on
all this 'gun rights' horseshit!

Since we can't keep guns away from the loons
(you know--the ones who already have them!),
let's just start handing out loaded guns to

You know; Mexicans, Gays, Blacks, Liberals,
Mentally Ill, Menstruating Women, Single Women,
Loose Women, Lesbian Women, Abortionists,
Atheists, Immigrants, and so on...

and let us be 'more than ready' when the
nut balls start some shit.

If you can't beat 'em, be enjoined by 'em!


Monday, April 8, 2013

A Shift in Consciousness!

Hey, kids--LOOK!
Some good news on the economic future
of America! Woo-hoo!
It's no longer profitable to
maintain the military industrial complex
that once made this country...well,
the undesired and despised police of the world!
(Hmmm...wonder if that coincides with
Cheney being out of office? Oh well!)

But fear not--
we're shifting gears and charting
a course for a more humanitarian
endeavor to ensure the future
of our souls as well as our pocketbooks! 

Now we're a Prison Industrial Complex!
All right!
Just throw everybody in jail; all the poor
people, political dissenters, crazy people,
and the that prisons are
for-profit organizations, it's not substituting
one system of taxpayer welfare for another!

It's awesome; just keep whittling away
at the populace until there's nobody left on
the outside of the prison walls but some
immensely satisfied uppity white guys with
massive bank accounts.

Onward and upward;
profiting off hardship is the American Way!
"Sucks to be You"
oughta be our new national slogan!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wishes and Fishes: Maintain Specificity!

Palin: Can't take a hint!
A word to the wise.....of the "Be careful what
you wish for" variety.
The next time feminist groups and women's rights
groups and thinking people everywhere start
decrying that "What Washington needs is more of
that nurturing, positive, feminine energy infused in order
to bring about clear leadership and crucially
compassionate decision-making!"....
maybe be a little more clear than
"Let's get more women elected!"
Just saying!
 A vagina is not a magic gateway
to progress; ignorant Douche Bags come in
a wide variety of Krazy.



Friday, April 5, 2013

Paul Mooney's "Analyzing White America"

A raucous, truth-telling, no-holds-barred
rendering of the white folks in America
as seen by the real-deal, Paul Mooney.

Not for the easily-offended.