Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Blend is the Thing

Nobody has the life they planned.

People might have portions or segments of
a desired life or lifestyle, if they're extraordinarily

But mostly even those folks are making do
with the cards dealt, accommodating the
unforeseen darkness and the different form of
light that appeared.

We can make peace with things as they are.

We can work overtime to avoid the reality of
loss and pain and despair and struggle.

We can find new interests and aspects to embolden us.

We can take satisfaction from rare moments.

We can be content with our best efforts.

But nobody holds magic in their hands...
not for more than a short, fleeting moment
of time.

No one has their heart's desire;
the appearance to the contrary is often just
a ploy to make others jealous, and to fictitiously
'hold the cards' as means of compensation for
the real thing.

No matter how Rico Suave' or Paul Perfect folks
pretend to be, they have the same dark demons
they're running from as every other sad-sack bastard
on the planet.

Maybe that can help you sleep better at night.