Friday, June 29, 2012

The Voices We Can't Shake: Inner Scripts

All of us have an inner voice--or voices--that either rule us,
guide us, or ride along with us.

What differs is whether or not we are conscious of the noise,
whether it works for or against us, what the origin of the voice(s)
are, and whether or not we have a desire to change it.

How do we alter a (typically) lifelong habit when we decide to change?

Even the being aware of needing to change, to disregard the over-
bearing societal influence to comply, for example, implicates the
level of sway it has over us. (If we begin to think or act in direct
response to said existence, we are still essentially controlled--or
at least affected--by its presence.)

To disregard or discard the influence of others or Other, and become
singularly focused on individual's own need, at
expense of all else...distanced from all means of failing
to even register anything else...that is a great achievement.

Complete self-absorption and self sufficiency is the ultimate key
to survival.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

The New Pendulum Swing

"Pretty pleases" and well-written speeches aren't
going to change jack in this world where greed and
business and money and power rule.

There is no moral compass to appeal to within
the hearts of the governing 1-to-2%.

There is no equality within the courts; justice and
public opinion are for sale to the highest bidder.

We the impoverished or powerless have no standing;
the corporations and the elite own the judges, the
lawyers, the courts, the police, the media,
the military, the money.

This is war.
There is only survive or fail, live or die.

Destroying what they own is the only thing that
reaches them...the one thing that they understand.

Violent take-down of the Powers-That-Be is the
only recourse remaining.

Can we mobilize and commit before it's too late?


Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Curiouser and curiouser..."

This upstanding young lady
(defying aerodynamics and gravity, obviously)
is listed by the Internet as wearing
a "Fashion Police" costume.

Well, it looks more like Fashion 'Ho to me.
'Fashion Pole Dancer' possibly.

She didn't receive her paycheck this week;
good thing she's standing on that street corner.

I wonder is she can substitute that street lamp.
(For the pole dance, silly! Sheesh!)

Shouldn't that police tape be wrapped
around various parts of her criminal

She doesn't even need a car with air bags.

Is she asking someone to read what the ticket says?

I wonder what the police's official position is?