Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rolling stones gather no moss.....

They also have the propensity to stomp some
serious ass, too, by the looks of things.

I've discovered the perils of knowing too much.
I have no further desire to be illuminated as to
the trickster abilities of any person....I value
no packaged presentation of their 'life thus far'
or their facade.

No, it's all 'Streetcar Named Desire' and a
life of "kindness from strangers" for me, thanks
very much.

Not that I am expecting kindnesses, but if
they are to be forthcoming it's only from strangers
that I'll be receiving them. Less fuss. No muss.

No disappointments. No missed dates.
No bad gifts. No estrangements. No inconsistent
emotions. No repetition. No routine. No masks.
No identity to maintain. No limits. No score keeping.
It's all wide open from here on out.

Strangers do for you because it pleases them
or because they have the time; they aren't
especially concerned about winning brownie
points from you, a stranger, since the intent is
never to see you again. (What notion they may
have of pleasing a bearded elderly gent in the sky
is their business. Let's not engage long enough
that we have the need to discuss such trivialities.)

What a pleasing conceit that you don't have to
care for someone's mood or feelings, don't have
to recall their anniversary or their Aunt's name,
you need learn or know or remember ANYthing
about them.

Conversation can be sparse or effusive, it can be
superficial and safe or it can be forward and very
ballsy, or it can even be nonexistent. You are the
master of all in those few moments.

Strangers can be found everywhere. Sitting at
bus stops, waiting in line at the store, picking you
up as you walk the highway, making use of the
bathroom stall next to yours, riding on the bus,
or wherever you would normally find yourself
pretending not to notice someone because you
don't already know them.

Instead of being disillusioned by the fact that
it's impossible to really know anything about anyone,
be liberated that it means you can know a total
stranger just as well as you have known 'friends' and
'family' all your life.

The possibilities are staggering.

Losing the routine and pretense of knowable
souls opens up a whole new world.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Cover Your Ass

('Zeus' by Genzoman)

Batton the hatches
and cover your snatches
cuz the bitch is back
and I ain't playing....

It's been smiles
and forgiveness
and Kissy-Poo,
good looks and
a little bit
of Jesus, too.....

but the dial has spun
back around,
you're about to get stomped
into the ground,
gonna burn all your shit
completely down
and piss on the ashes....

There's gonna be a day
of  reckoning,
gonna put your lying ass
in a sling,
gonna make you bow,
make you sing,
you ain't shown me a
goddamned thing.

Paybacks are a Royal Beyotch, Mildred.

The victim has left the building.