Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Double Standards

We seem to rarely see ourselves as we truly are.
 It's impossible, of course, even with the highest
interest in naval-gazing. We always hold a blind
spot in regards to self. We can never be unaware
of our emotional state and our own illusions, so
that is how we see.

Until our perspective changes.

Maybe we notice that we treat a specific person
in our lives--or a specific type of person, or a
group of people--in a manner that is better or
worse than we treat the average person.

Maybe there's a bit of shaming involved in our
dealings with the people who remind us of our
a deadbeat parent. Perhaps we judge someone's
ambitions against their accomplishments. Could
be we evaluate someone based on their actions,
lack of actions, intelligence, or pretty much anything.

Sometimes we discover that the things we hate
so deeply in others are the things we also hate in
ourselves. Recognizing the difference in our thoughts
and behaviors related to others can start the process
of considering the 'why' and 'wherefore.'

We may not like that the finger points back to us.

Find ourselves obsessing over someone being too
judgmental, yet we condemn everything they say or do?

Shake our heads in disgust when someone does things
that we have also done in our life?

Or maybe we hate another because of the similarities
we wish to avoid.

A coworker has a passion for art and we don't feel
talented enough or free enough to pursue the dream
they are going after. We shoot them down.

The more familiar a thing is, the more contempt we
hold in our hearts. If you find yourself truly irritated by
the character of another...perhaps investigate what's
inside instead of looking at their side of the street.

Monday, August 9, 2010

No Home Training

In step, out of step
conjecture becomes dogma evermore
speculating with barriers posed as connections,
carnivorous traits hosting our own demise
isolation is not choice, it is truth
no other can relate nor assist
this unprotected dwelling crumbling
foundation faulty and unsure
confidence fails
hearts shift
I fade