Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Incompetency Contagion

 So it evidently wasn't bad enough that I made the
mistake of a lifetime by starting up with "University
of Phoenix, online" to try and make getting some
school credits more convenient.

The University of Phoenix was bad enough;
* they provided incompetent 'teachers'
* had robo-correcting and flawed paper-checking
* non responsive counselors
* scammed me for two credits on a semester not taken
* lied to the federal government about me
* blocked my transcript from being released
* then stole money from my account
* and now have an inflated debit against me

So, let's see-- failure to deliver on goods promised, lies,
theft, falsification of documents, and more. What a stellar
institution this is!

Now, on top of that, they have turned over my account,
refusing to take any responsibility for their wrong-doing,
and are trying to collect the monies they fabricate that I owe
them through a "student services" group named the i-3 group.

These lovely folks have been calling and leaving harassing
phone calls at my mother's home, where I do not live, and
talking shit to her.

When I got their number and called them, they were hostile
and aggressive with me, talking shit and telling me to "Take
care of my bills!" Not only is that extremely unprofessional,
it's also against the law. I told them I had no intention of
paying their trumped up charges, and why, and that I was going
to file a lawsuit. They were expressly told to stop calling that
number, and that I wished nothing to do with them.

Nonetheless, the harassing phone calls continue unabated.
The rudeness and pushiness persists.

Whatever you do, don't ever use the University of Phoenix.
I wish I could say you get what you pay for, but the poor
quality of what I received was nowhere near worth the
astronomically exorbitant fees they charge.

Slow, inconvenient, costly, and chock full of shit.
Just what one needs during efforts to learn and prosper.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fuck a Narcissist

"Pussy Got Sway"

I'll tell you what.
I concede;
It's all 'Kill or be killed,'
and you're just the cat that be skilled.

Nothing wrong with kissing babies
with the same mouth that talks shit.
No problem with pretending godliness
so you can abuse via feigned divinity.

I'm jealous of your dickery.
I seethe that you can melt the Eskimos
igloos and then sell them new ice.
Your dispassionate and snarky
command of managerial manipulation
are true mastery.

You are The Head Asshole In Charge.

And you can have it, sweetheart.

I know, now, that that is what it takes
to make it, at least in the same way,
and I'll happily die alone knowing
that I don't have to suffer fools and
falsehoods gladly.

You can have your monies and empire
and sway over the masses, fake teeth clenched
in a charming mind-lock of all you possess.
None knowing you.
Your ill-gotten gains.
Your meaningless word.
Your fictional heart.

I don't need to compete;
you're your own worst enemy.
And I don't want what I have not got,
since you showed me the spoils
of your inner war.

Thank you for your sacrifice.